How we are different: Manual physical therapy that improves the whole you

At Performance Physical Therapy, we go beyond the specific point of injury to address your overall physical health. With each new patient, we custom-design a physical therapy plan – often focusing on manual physical therapy – using the latest physical rehabilitation techniques, and incorporating specific features to accommodate your lifestyle, abilities, and personal goals. We also educate our patients about their rehabilitation, how to avoid compensating or secondary injuries, and how to prevent re-injury.

Each personalized physical therapy program includes:

  • An individualized approach to treatment with a customized treatment plan, including home exercises from day one
  • Personal attention from licensed physical therapists at every appointment; you won’t be passed off to less qualified practitioners
  • A manual physical therapy focus for hands-on treatment starting with joint mobilization and “reeducation” of muscle systems that are out of balance due to trauma, chronic conditions, or injury
  • A patient-centric working style that doesn’t rush you through the process, but instead focuses on long-term health while taking into account your unique condition and comfort level